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CHILDREN OF SIN Video Interview With Actress Meredith Mohler And Director Christopher W. Moore (Exclusive)
A new horror/thriller slasher film is on the way this month titled Children of Sin. To learn more about the movie, we dug into the details with the director and lead actress!
THE INSTITUTE Interview With Producer Chelsea Roth And Writer/Director Hamza Zaman (Exclusive)
A week ago, Headless Films released their newest horror flick The Institute , a thriller through and through with sci-fi elements in the mix, so we dug into the details with the heads of the company!
PROTOTYPE Director Jack Peter Mundy Discusses The Differences Between The Murderous AI (Exclusive)
Jack Peter Mundy is known for horror flicks, with half a dozen more on the way, which is why it comes as no surprise that his new Sci-Fi film Prototype doubles as a fearsome thriller with slasher vibes.
SCREAM Video Interview: Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett On Making Ghostface Scary (Exclusive)
Ghostface has been parodied on countless occasions, so making him scary again...well, it was no easy feat. Here, Scream's directors talk to us about that, working with the original cast, and much more!
SCREAM Video Interview: Star Melissa Barrera Talks Fake Blood, Iconic Co-Stars, And More (Exclusive)
In this exclusive video interview, Scream star Melissa Barrera talks to us about getting hands-on with fake blood in the movie, working with Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell for the first time, and more...
SCREAM Star Melissa Barrera Shares Her Hopes For Where Sam's Story Could Go In SCREAM 6 (Exclusive)
In The Heights star Melissa Barrera delivered a memorable turn as Sam Carpenter in Scream, and the actress has now shared her thoughts on where the character's story could go in the upcoming sequel...
SCREAM Directors On Potential STAB Spinoff And What They Have Planned For SCREAM 6 (Exclusive)
Scream directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett share their thoughts on potentially expanding the Stab "franchise" on streaming, as well as their insights into what's to come in the upcoming Scream 6.
GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE Exclusive Concept Art Reveals A Closer Look At Gozer's Awesome Return
We ain't afraid of no ghosts here at Fear HQ, but you might be after checking out this exclusive concept art featuring Gozer's monstrous return in 2021's Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Take a look after the jump...
WORLD ENDS AT CAMP Z: Check Out This Exclusive Clip From The Brand New Zombie Thriller That Just Hit Digital
A brand new zombie thriller has just joined the array of horror flicks on digital and on-demand titled World Ends At Camp Z, and we are able to share an exclusive clip from the movie.
THE LONG NIGHT Interview With Producer Daemon Hillin On How The Script Differs From The Final Film - Exclusive
A new horror flick titled The Long Night explores a deadly cult fueled by ancient apocalyptic prophesies terrorizing a young couple, and we chatted exclusively with producer Daemon Hillin about the film!