BABY OOPSIE: MURDER DOLLS Interview With Lead Actress & Social Media Sensation Libbie Higgins (Exclusive)

Full Moon Features' upcoming Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls was split into four parts, with the second one releasing tomorrow. We wanted to learn more about what to expect so we chatted with the leading lady!

Full Moon Features is known for creating films with practical effects. As cinema and streaming move forward alongside technology, less and less films do so, but it is the passion of the company and what they focus on in the movies they produce.

After the success of Puppetmaster, Full Moon Features decided to focus on what made that movie work. Now, fans who have been missing the old days of moving pictures have a chance to revisit that nostalgia with the films the studio continues to make.

One such title that utilizes similar effects is Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls. The Baby Oopsie Franchise is in the ame vein of CHUCKY, except there is a lot more than one toy, and they are all possessed.

The film has been split into four parts, and with the second dropping tomorrow, we wanted to learn a bit more about the show. Here, we speak with the lead actress, Libbie Higgins.

Libbie Higgins: As far as I know, I'll be in the third and fourth chapters. I get so confused because it was supposed to be a movie at first, and then they broke them down into installments, episodes. So, I'm assuming I'm going to be in all of it. And that's not me trying to say I can't tell you, I don't know. I've only seen the one that comes out next Friday, which was good, but I haven't seen anything else.Is there going to be more Baby Oopsie? That's my thing. I don't know where we are in the Baby Oopsie franchise. I want more Baby Oopsie action, so I don't want it to end.

I hd a soft sledgehammer. It was like foam, but if it hits you it's not going to feel good. I won't hurt as bad as a sledgehammer, but it's really nerve-wrecking working with that stuff because I don't want to hit people. I want it to be realistic and I don't want it to have to interrupt my acting to worry about knocking somebody's head off. Now, the character Justina, I didn't mind hitting her head with a fake frying pan because she deserves it. She's a rascal.


I was talking to air in some scenes and it's really hard. And I mean, not because of the acting but because people are watching you. And it feels weird, it's like, what are they thinking? Do I look like an idiot? My stand up,  that's just me so I put it out there and the reactions come as they do, but when you're acting in front of people you're more vilnerable.

I grew up a Catholic. I'm not practicing now and I haven't been practicing in years. But all the Catholic stuff, it's like riding a bike. It feels so natural. It almost spooked me how I was able to jump back into confession and all of that religious stuff. But, being Sybill though, you just have to be so open. That's the thing with acting I've discovered. I'm very new at it so I'm learning, but you have to be so open.

What do you guys think about these comments from actress Libbie Higgins? Regardless, be sure to share your take in the comments section!

Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls Chapter 2 releases tomorrow, July 22nd on Full Moon Features and hits digital next week.

We're Celebrating THE BLACK PHONE'S Digital And Blu-ray Release With A Giveaway

We're Celebrating THE BLACK PHONE'S Digital And Blu-ray Release With A Giveaway

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