THE WALKING DEAD Series Finale Ending Explained - How The Show Concluded While Setting Up Future Spin-Offs

The final episode of The Walking Dead premiered on AMC last night, but how did the long-running horror series end? You can find a spoiler-filled explanation of how it all played out after the jump...

After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead reached its end on AMC last night. However, with a whole host of spin-offs on the way, the zombie apocalypse is far from over. 

After Judith Grimes was shot by Governor Pamela Milton last week, Daryl raced into action in order to save Rick's daughter in the opening moments of the finale. Jules and Luke were among some early casualties, while Rosita, Eugene, and Gabriel also found themselves in trouble as they looked to save Coco and the rest of the kidnapped babies. 

It appeared Rosita might be done for after being surrounded by walkers, but she managed to battle her way through the undead to live to fight another day...briefly. We soon discovered that she had been bitten, sealing her fate. It was a heartbreaking moment, but what of the Governor? 

A war between the Alexandrians and Commonwealth ensued, though the latter group soon began turning on their leader thanks to her recent actions. When Daryl showed up to point out, "You've got one enemy: we ain't the walking dead," Pamela's army finally turned its back on her, prompting the villain to sacrifice herself to the zombie Lance. 

However, Maggie didn't let her off that easily, and shoots him, ensuring she will pay for her many crimes. As for the Commonwealth, that's blown up, killing the dead inside to the tune of Living Colour's "Cult of Personality."

Elsewhere in the episode, Negan finally apologises to Maggie for what he did to Glenn. While she can't forgive him, they make peace, setting the stage for the spin-off, Dead City, which will see the two characters teaming up to fight the undead.

The survivors enjoy a meal together (just like the one Carl imagined for them), and Rosita passes away after saying her goodbyes. We then jump a year into the future to see how everyone is doing, and watch as Judith receives a compass and letter from Negan. Daryl, meanwhile, bids farewell to Carol as he sets off on a new adventure (another upcoming spin-off). 

Daryl vows to find Rick and Michonne, and we then find out what those two have been up to. The latter looks every bit the warrior as she continues searching for her lover, while Rick, wearing a CRM jacket, is forced to surrender to a helicopter whose pilot can be heard saying, "You've been located and are instructed to surrender. It's like he told you, there's no escape for the living."

We end with Judith and RJ admiring their peaceful surroundings, with the young girl telling her brother, "We get to start over. We're the ones who live."

With that, The Walking Dead is over, but there are several stories that are far from...

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YELLOWJACKETS Finale Spoilers - Fans In Shock After Surprise Character Death

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