Get Ready To Escape Vecna's Curse In All-New STRANGER THINGS Haunted House

Get Ready To Escape Vecna's Curse In All-New STRANGER THINGS Haunted House

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is set to transport fans back tot he updside down in all-new Stranger Things season 4 inspired haunted house!

By NateBest - Jul 17, 2023 01:07 PM EST
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Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights is set to unleash terror and excitement as it brings the haunting world of Netflix's critically acclaimed series Stranger Things to life. Guests at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will be transported to Hawkins, Indiana, where they will face the nightmarish consequences of Vecna's curse in a bone-chilling haunted house!

The focus of this year's Halloween Horror Nights is the menacing supernatural villain, Vecna. Bent on destroying the fragile barrier between the Upside Down and reality, Vecna aims to unleash chaos and establish his reign of terror. Guests will find themselves on the front lines of a deadly battle against Vecna's curse, as they navigate through a world where the line between nightmare and reality blurs.

Journey Through Hawkins

Hawkins Lab: Unleashing the Unknown
Step into the notorious Hawkins Lab, the epicenter of scientific experiments and the birthplace of unimaginable horrors. This foreboding location will transport guests into a realm where the boundaries of scientific ethics have been shattered, paving the way for unimaginable creatures and sinister forces to roam freely.

Creel House: An Enigmatic Encounter
Prepare to face the enigmatic Creel House, a place shrouded in mystery and riddled with dark secrets. As guests navigate its haunted halls, they will come face to face with unsettling manifestations of the supernatural and discover the eerie presence of Vecna's influence.

Vecna's Mindscape: A Chilling Realm
Venture deep into Vecna's mindscape, a realm where the fabric of reality twists and bends to his will. In this surreal environment, guests will encounter mind-bending illusions, surreal landscapes, and unimaginable horrors lurking in the shadows.

Confronting Demobats and Vecna Himself
As guests progress through the haunted house, they will encounter otherworldly creatures, including the menacing demobats that infest the Upside Down. These grotesque beings, with their razor-sharp teeth and terrifying screeches, will test the courage of even the bravest souls. And lurking at the heart of it all is Vecna himself, a formidable adversary determined to bring about the downfall of humanity.

The Ultimate Showdown in Vecna's Mind Lair
In a race against time, guests will find themselves in the climactic final battle within Vecna's blood-red Mind Lair. Here, they must outwit the cunning villain and escape his deadly curse. The fate of Hawkins and the world hangs in the balance as guests fight to save mankind from the clutches of Vecna's evil.

The decision to bring the world of Stranger Things to Halloween Horror Nights was born from the sheer impact and popularity of the series. The show's blend of '80s nostalgia, supernatural horror, and fantastic storytelling and characters has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. From the very first moments of Season 4, the creative team behind Halloween Horror Nights knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience.

To accommodate the overwhelming demand, Universal Orlando Resort has extended the event to a record-breaking 48 nights, allowing even more guests to experience the terror. The event will run from September 1st to November 4th, and promises to be the most chilling and thrilling yet.

Ticket Information for Universal Orlando Resort

Tickets for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort are now available. Guests can choose from a variety of ticket options, including the popular Frequent Fear and Rush of Fear Passes, which provide multiple nights of terror. To enhance the experience, guests can upgrade their Fear Passes to include express access, ensuring they can plunge into the frights without delay. For those seeking an early start, the Scream Early ticket grants access to Universal Studios Florida between 3 and 5 p.m., allowing them to enjoy the theme park before immersing themselves in the horrors of Halloween Horror Nights. Additionally, single-night tickets and event upgrades such as Express Pass, R.I.P Tour, and the Behind the Screams: Unmasking the Horror Tour are available.

Ticket Information for Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood offers a range of Halloween Horror Nights ticket options to suit every guest's preferences. From General Admission to Universal Express and After 2 P.M. Day/Night tickets, there are choices for everyone. For those seeking the ultimate experience, the premium R.I.P. Tour provides a personalized guided tour through the haunted houses. The new Early Access Ticket offers early entry to select haunted houses, allowing guests to get a head start on the thrills. The popular Frequent Fear Pass and Ultimate Fear Pass provide multiple nights of terror for the dedicated horror enthusiasts.

Vacation Packages and Discounts

Guests from the U.S. and Canada can take advantage of special vacation packages that offer great savings. These packages include one-night event admission, five days of access to all three Universal Orlando theme parks, and hotel accommodations. Florida Residents can also enjoy discounted vacation packages that include one-night event admission, hotel accommodations, and two-day tickets to all three Universal Orlando theme parks. Additionally, Universal Orlando hotel guests receive exclusive benefits such as Early Park Admission during the day and special access to a dedicated Halloween Horror Nights entry gate at night. To plan a fall getaway to Universal Orlando and learn more about Halloween Horror Nights, visit the official website.

Exclusive Benefits for Universal Orlando Hotel Guests

Guests staying at Universal Orlando hotels receive exclusive benefits that enhance their Halloween Horror Nights experience. Early Park Admission grants access

You can pick your tickets up at

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